Andrew Veit

Michael J. Jones

Joe Millea

Matthew Coley

Vision release Tour schedule 2019:

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  • HMQ’s ‘VISION’ CD official release Tour!

  • 10/7-18 – Residency with the Dubuque Arts Council. Visiting 20 elementary schools, performing one house concert, & performing for the arts and culture commission at the city council chambers in the Dubuque area.

  • 10/13 – 1:30-4pm, Private CD release party Hosted by Kathy Good and Creative Occasions in Cedar Rapids, IA.

  • Postponed – 10/19 – Concert at Zephyr Theatre in Stillwater, MN

Winter 2020 Tour schedule:

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  • 2/15 – TBA, Concerts with choreographers Paula MacArthur and Kathleen Hurley, Des Moines, IA

  • 2/16 – 4pm, Concert at First Presbyterian Church, Rochester, MN

  • 2/17-18 – TBA, high school/university master classes

  • 2/20-21 – TBA, high school/university master classes

  • 2/23 – 4pm, Concert at Millikin University, Decatur, IL – Premiere of ‘Rivers of Rage’ Concerto by Coley

  • 2/24 – 7:30pm, Concert on the Chamber Music on the Fox Series, Elgin, IL

Spring 2020 Tour schedule:

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  • 4/21 – 6:30pm, Concert with pianist Clare Longendyke, First Unitarian Society, Madison, WI

  • 4/23-25 – TBA, Residency at Minot State University, Minot, ND

  • 4/25 – 7:30pm, Concerto premieres (Amaya and Coley) with the Minot Symphony Orchestra

  • 4/26 – 7pm, Concert at Hastings Arts Center, Hastings, MN

  • 4/27 – Presentations at Hastings High School, Hastings, MN

  • 4/28-29 – TBA, Outreach events for the Dubuque Symphony Orchestra, Dubuque, IA

  • 5/2-3 – 7:30pm and 2pm respectively, ROMANSki Concerto premiere with the Dubuque Symphony Orchestra



The Heartland Marimba Quartet (HMQ) is the primary performing ensemble of Heartland Marimba. Established in 2016 by acclaimed marimba soloist Matthew Coley, the group seeks to give a platform to the music of American composers in its programming, and continues to expand its repertoire with works from composers worldwide. Comprised of four distinctively creative forces, Matthew Coley, Michael J. Jones, Joe Millea, and Andrew Veit, HMQ exemplifies Heartland Marimba’s mission to develop and disseminate the classical marimba art form in both academic and community contexts. In 2018, HMQ had the honor of being the ensemble in residence for the Society of Composers National Conference in Tacoma, Washington. While there, the group premiered a new concerto for marimba quartet and wind ensemble by Paul Alan Price-Brenner with the University of Puget Sound Wind Ensemble. HMQ’s 2018-2019 season further highlighted works written for Heartland Marimba, including Alex Orfaly’s Fôr Marimbas, Steven Simpson’s Fluidity, Matthew Coley’s Rivers of Rage, and the newest addition, The Principle of Vibration by Brett William Dietz. During the 2019-2020 season they will release an album and collaborate with the Dubuque Arts Council, Millikin University Percussion, and the Minot and Dubuque Symphony Orchestras.




"I had an extremely rewarding time at the Heartland Marimba Festival this summer! All of the faculty were truly first-rate and everyone brought a little something different to the table, providing a varied and valuable experience to students of all levels. Additionally, the wide-ranging performance opportunities gave students real-life experiences – from solos to unconducted chamber works to large conducted ensembles. Even in the short period of time they were there, students left better equipped as musicians and professionals. I would recommend this festival in a heartbeat!" ~ Nathan Daughtrey, soloist and composer


"I have a real respect for the Heartland Marimba Quartet and it's members. They not only commission new works for themselves as a professional ensemble, but also for the high school and collegiate levels. Their dedication to quality performance and education is second to none, and most importantly, they don't simply play music for other percussionists, but regularly bring music into our communities. The work this group does to champion the marimba should not be overlooked." ~ Caleb Pickering, percussion artist and composer


"It was a fantastic experience hosting the Heartland Marimba Festival and working with the Heartland Marimba Quartet this summer! Students came from across the country to attend, and I enjoyed hearing their high calibre solo performances in lessons, masterclasses, and recitals. And, it was really wonderful to have everyone join together on stage for the final marimba orchestra concert, truly a unique opportunity for everyone involved!" ~ Annie Stevens, Virginia Tech Percussion Faculty


"Matthew Coley and his merry band of marimbistas are doing exactly what Clair Musser did in the early part of his career: taking the marimba to the people. On a very grassroots level, their work has substantially grown the appreciation and love of the marimba to the people of this country. I have been lucky to witness the results of their successes, and witness the love that the average American has for the marimba when presented in an honest, sincere and artistic way. That is what the Heartland Marimba Quartet does, day in and day out." ~ Gordon Stout, Ithaca College Percussion Faculty and Percussive Arts Society Hall of Fame Inductee


"HMF [directed by the HMQuartet] is a great opportunity for students to experience a diverse survey of historical and contemporary mallet literature, and to build relationships with other students from around the country." ~ Andrea Venet, University of North Florida Percussion Faculty


Principal Vibration Tour - 2018

  • The Principle of Vibration by Brett William Dietz (HMPublications)

  • Rivers of Rage by Matthew Coley (HMPublications)

  • FÔR Marimbas by Alex Orfaly (HMPublications)

  • Fantasy by Kevin Romanski

  • Fluidity by Steven Simpson (Written for HM.)

  • New York Triptych by Gordon Stout

  • Célèbre Tarantelle by Louis Moreau Gottschalk/arr. Matthew Coley (HMPublications)

  • Marimba Quartet by Michael Burritt

Other Repertoire

  • Momentia/Minutia by Scott Blasco

  • Tanc Szervusz by Alex Orfaly

  • Agapé by Sabrina Pena Young

  • Multiverses by Dorothy Hindman

  • Stone's Throw by Adam Hopper (HMPublications)

  • Pop Psyche by Caleb Pickering (HMPublications)

  • Waves of Wood by Daniel Krumm (HMPublications)

  • Idle Hands by Jared Coffin (HMPublications)

  • Nested by Andrew Veit (HMPublications)

  • Serving Size 4 Bunnies by Carl Schimmel

  • Dream–Awakening and Dance by Gordon Stout (marimba orchestra)

  • Average Bureaucrats by Pierce Gradone

  • Firefly by Nathan Daughtrey (percussion orchestra)